Just a bunch of songs I really like.

I Will Always Think Of You

Sung as a duet between Honey Sugarman (Jane Krakowski) and Colman Domingo (Eddie) during Season 4, Episode 2 of BoJack Horseman.

Medusa in Chains

Have we met before

Mean Reds Blues

cause the mean reds blues has taken control 🎵

Lag Fyrir Ömmu

Lag Fyrir Ömmu translates to song for grandma. The artist calls it a tribute to an amazing person and a good friend who I miss dearly.

Luv(sic.) Part 3

Jun Seba was a gifted musician from Japan killed in a traffic collision at age 36. He created Luv(sic.) as a hexalogy with Shing02 who finished the series after Seba's death.

Summer sun

That's Life

Life will get you down so remember to stand up.

The Girl From Ipanema

A wonderful interpretation of a Brazilian jazz song.